Quality Lead Generation Agency in Shillong(Meghalaya)

Local Rank is a recognized B2B & B2C lead generation agency in Shillong, Meghalaya.

How do Generate Leads for different niche?

Leads are generated through different Online and Offline methods. When it comes to offline method, data of decision makers are extracted manually. Those data are contacted via E-mail outreach and tele-calling to filter leads. The second method is executed different Online platforms. Those platforms include AD campaigns, Affiliate Channels, Funnel Marketing, Lead forms, etc. And, yes we have in the past delivered quality leads for different niche. We have the expertise to deliver superior leads in most B2B and B2C Segments. Our expertise & experience makes us one of the finest Lead Generation Agency in Shillong, Meghalaya.

Google Search Rankings(SEO) - Organic vs Paid Leads

So, Let's Understand SEO and Paid Marketing

Google Search Rankings or SEO is a process through which Websites are ranked on Top pages on Google. On the other hand, Paid Leads are generated by running different types of Campaigns at a cost per lead. When it comes to costing Paid form of marketing is rather expensive when compared to Search Engine Rankings. However, Google Rankings takes a few months time whereas Paid Campaigns usually take a day or two to start getting results. Our strategy has always been the combination of the two. To better explain it, while SEO starts working we will deliver leads via Paid Marketing. Such a plan of action has proved mighty effective for the growth of many businesses.

Lead Deliverables & Support

Our Lead Marketers are highly experienced when it comes to Data extraction & Lead Generation. The minimum lead package is 100 per month. However, we can customize our Lead Generation packages as per the client's requirement. Also, at any point in time, we will generate leads for a single niche. And we do not share the leads with any other clients for the same niche. For Queries or Quotation please feel free to contact our lead generation in Shillong, Meghalaya. Please be assured we are always there to help you.