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Are low cost website design companies worth the time and investmest?

A Great Website is a measured blend of eye catching design, stellar content, and completely responsive to multiple devices. Local Rank with years of web experience understands the fact that a website is no good if its not persuasive and upfront in delivering solutions + building brand identity online. A great website is one that looks forward to provide answers and are problem solving. Now, coming to the question - if a low cost website design company can deliver the essentials of a so called "Great Website". The answer is as good as the saying "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" which also means that proper checks, budget and research needs to be done(with examples) before zeroing on a so-called "affordable web development agency".


How much does a website design cost in India?

This question is searched by many entrepreneurs all across(the world) and rightly so as there's always been a hazy cloud on how much should one pay for a website. Few years back getting a website was a costly affair but not anymore with platforms like WordPress. Now, before we understand website costs let us understand the process and steps to get a Near-to-Perfect Website.


Let us understand the questions often asked about Website Development and the whole process involved in the development process. Hence we understand
the top answers (below ↓) to Help " Choose a Quality yet Affordable Website Design Company (India)."

  • 1) What are the Steps involved in a Website Development? First and formost, the client along with the website deisgn company needs to choose a website name which is also called as a Domain name. A domain name can be relevent to the services or a brand name(ex: Mc'Donalds). Secondly, once design is completed then it needs to be visible to anyone and everyone and that is possible through a Hosting plan.
  • 2) To avoid website design tools many people explore the idea of - "Should I use a free website builder?" The answer or the truth of it is website builders offered by domain/hosting companies more often than not comes with recurring costs. And not only that they are not user friendly, not multi-device supported, etc. In short the companies offering website builders should always be kept aside and that's it. Now, coming to a free website builder, of all the platforms available now, Wordpress is free and have been gaining popularity in the past 3-4 years or so. And, yes it is highly recommended.
  • 3) Now coming back to the original question "How much should a full website design cost?" or "How much does a 5 page website cost?" The answer depends on if its completely or partially customized. If, say the website is partially customized then the design cost + hosting + content + graphics will be in the range of Rs. 4999 - Rs. 6999/- however completely customized design might cost Rs.10,000 or more.

Local Rank helps you Maximise the Benefits of Getting your Website on Live mode.

Why choose Local Rank (a low cost website design company)?

Let's dig deep a few insights about Local Rank to start with. Started as a SEO Marketing and Lead Generation Company serving customers all across the globe, we understand that the first level is the most important phase. This first level is the online presence i.e. the website which creates the first impression and hence has to be spot on.

If a business website clearly provides solutions/answers to much needed questions, can deliver effective results. And, that is where Local Rank's affordable website designs come to the fore while providing effective website solutions and are budget friendly as well.