Top Quality & Genuine Database(Companies) Providers in Bangalore, India

Top Quality Database (Services) Providers in Bangalore & Pan India

How Database Plays an Important Role in a Company's Success?

Most of the companies depends on the database like reaching their prospective customers through Email funnels, Tele-calling & SMS marketing. And yes, necessary permissions needs to be obtained before reaching customers through the above methods. Our genuine databases are tailored for B2B(Business to Business), B2C(Business to Customers), and most businesses. Our customers satisfaction makes us one of the Top quality database providers in Bangalore, India.

What makes us a Genuine Database Company in Bangalore?

Database is not Data if the authenticity is missing

Well, it can be a simple requirement like Name, Phone Number & Email Address. That's where we are different we will customize the fields as per the client needs. We can include information like Age, Profession, Qualification, Earnings, Gender and much more. All Data Extraction is done keeping in mind utmost Quality and Authenticity of Information. High percentage of Genuine Data is what Companies expect from any service providers.

We Deliver Filtered & Niche Based Databases

We have delivered Database in the following niches:

  • HNI(High Net Individuals).
  • Start-up Business.
  • Real Estate buyers.
  • Students from different streams.
  • Medium & Large Business.
  • Parents.
  • Shopping Enthusiasts.
  • Small Businesses.
  • Schools & Colleges.
  • Training Institutions.
  • Meet Up, Groups.
  • Local business.
  • IT Companies.
  • Other Customized Database Plans.
  • Database Categories in High-demand

    PAN India & Bangalore HNI Database

    We, as a database provider deliver quality HNI or High Net worth Individual database are extracted based on income, property holdings, investments and other information. The data is purely based on requirement and by following norms. Our Database Services are not restricted to Bangalore but to PAN India as well. Our Database are curated for Bangalore & PAN India.

    WhatsApp Numbers Database

    Yes, you've heard it right. Now you can reach your target audience based on your niche with our WhatsApp Database. These database are from registered WhatsApp users. Promote your business to different WhatsApp numbers for different products.

    Email List

    Like most of the western countries there are many Indian or Outsourced companies who also prefer Email outreaches. Email Marketing is one of those platforms that has been under-used. Looking at data from different Email campaigns clearly shows that effective sales funnel can be created with quality Emailing lists.

    Business Directory Database

    Targeting different level business owners can not only help promote your products but offer them solutions as well. We serve databases from start-ups to established business. Reaching different businesses has proved beneficial for both parties when supplied with genuine data.

    Location based Data

    Our Quality Database provider in Bangalore and Pan India filters data base on City, State and even Pin-codes. Location based data can be highly effective. We also have options for overseas location data. Please understand other countries data is restricted with certain laws and can be shared once those are passed.

    Database Source and Format

    We will obtain data from our Data Mining Experts and external sources as well. But we will not compromise on the quality & relevancy of information. Most of the extracted database will be sent out in excel format however in some cases it might be text or csv format as well.

    Other Services

    Our Core Services is not just restricted to Data but platforms like Responsive Website Development, Digital Marketing Products, GMB Local SEO, Organic SEO Rankings, and more importantly Quality Lead Generation & Affiliate campaigns.

    Database Services Quality & Support

    Our Inhouse & Outsource Database Companies will ensure quality in delivered data. We & our Partners will provide support through Call/WhatsApp and Email. Based on the requirement the delivery time will be decided between the client and the customer. For your next data requirement do not think twice to contact the Best & Quality Database Providers in Bangalore & PAN India.