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Does a Business really needs a Website?

Many Business owners often ask if website is necessary at all? Well, to put across every person who is walking on the street nearby has some kind of smartphone. Did we see that 10 years back? No, things were different then. Businesses ran on word of mouth and creative hoardings. But, not anymore, people are eager to review if they had a bad experience ordering stuff online. The world is getting connected at the speed of light. Before we know anything...Boom...something new comes up. That is the power of technology and internet. Businesses are made or closed by the quality of services and support. Everyone needs an identity so does a business. This identity can be gained by getting a website which showcases their products or services. If the business does not have a website then its like a blank book. That is where Local Rank (An absolute Best Website Development Company in Shillong) comes in the picture. We will know your requirement and based on your budget will suggest you best options suited for your business.

What is the difference between a Regular vs a Responsive Website?

Understand Website Types and Platforms!

Few years back websites were primarily made on HTML/Javascript platforms. And they were static in nature. Which means it comes with fixed number of pages and not dynamic. Dynamic websites were made to add/edit/modify details anytime the client wants. Things have changed over a period of time. All ...well most of the websites designed these days are completely dynamic in nature. Websites are designed on platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, etc. And Website designers have the ability to make the sites look better on all devices. This means responsive websites designs which is always a Client's delight.


How our Website Designing Company in Shillong is different?

Our 3 Step Success Formula on Website Development!

3 Step factor? Why will anyone need such an approach? Well, its all in the experience that makes us different. Over the years we understood that Client's thinking and budget needs to be discussed up front as it helps us to keep the correct expectations. We understand the client's nature of business and after research we propose the website that will suit their business. Once that is clarified we understand their budget and please understand budget is never a fixed amount it always has to be a range. So we have the 2 factor clients business and budget. What is the 3rd factor? It is to deliver the result within Time and get a big Thumps Up from the Client. The combination of all these factors makes us a Top Website Design Company in Shillong and other parts of Meghalaya. And, yes, an optimized website always acts as an advantage when it comes to Generating Leads Online & Digital Marketing implementation.

Reference Websites Designed by Local Rank


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